We want your experience at The Estate to stand the test of time. Reserve your space on the calendar to guarantee that your memories will be a part of this grand establishment’s history. We look forward to making sure your celebration is one for the books!


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Monday - Thursday

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Exclusive Occasions

Our doors are open to events one at a time. We make sure the entire facility is prepared for private use during each reservation.

In-House Furniture

Permanently furnished areas of our venue supply special seating and comfort. The fixtures also act as added ambiance to The Estate’s Georgian Colonial style.

Accommodating Time Frame

Start an event at anytime and end it by midnight. Set-up can begin three hours prior to the event to appropriately prepare the space.

Dining Sets

Tables and chairs included in the facility fee. More of each can be brought in for an additional cost if necessary.

Convenient Parking

Guest parking is available in the city structure or lot located behind the venue.

Save the Date

We offer complimentary holds on dates for up to two weeks. 

Full Service

Jay’s Catering provides gourmet food options and party rentals for our venue. We want each event to experience our top quality standards.

Unique Spaces

Explore the elegantly restored grounds and use the various rooms for specific event sections. The Bridal Suite is available three hours before each event.

Versatile Location

We house all kinds of events from wedding ceremonies and receptions to cocktail parties and intimate get-togethers. It’s the perfect place for any celebration.