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The Estate on Second Venue Versatility

From the Southern Counties Gas Company in 1923 to The Estate on Second now, this magnificent, historic structure is located in the heart of downtown Santa Ana and boasts unique to the area Georgian Colonial architecture and framework from its original construction. Ceiling beams, exposed brick, wooden floors, tiles, sparkling chandeliers and more design details create an elegant and romantic atmosphere both inside and outside the venue. Stunning Palladian windows flood the ballroom with natural light casting a golden glow over your event. The Estate on Second is a charming, full-service venue crafted with versatility in mind and equipped with plenty of beautiful rooms for entertaining guest counts of up to 175. Whether you’re hosting a themed cocktail soiree, a corporate holiday party, a birthday extravaganza, or a glamorous wedding, The Estate on Second is a perfect place to celebrate. 

The Crystal Ballroom

Every grand affair needs a grand ballroom. Named after the radiant crystals in the chandeliers, the Crystal Ballroom is ready for anything from corporate cocktail parties to exquisite weddings. With high ceilings, brick walls, and exposed wooden beams, The Crystal Ballroom is one of a kind in its luxurious style and timeless beauty. 

Dance the night away.

Photography: Emma Hopp Photography

Photography: Lex and the Lotus

Host your baby shower under sparkling chandeliers.

Photography: Loie Photography

Tie the knot surrounded by friends and family.

Photography: Lex and the Lotus

Host a special dinner.

Photography: Emma Hopp Photography

Photography: Ariele Chapman Photography

Pose for photo booth pictures.

Photography: Mike Thezier

Photography: Lex and the Lotus

Photography: Amy Golding

The Terrace

From The Terrace, look out onto the horizon to take in all that the city has to offer. This outdoor balcony area is a breath of fresh air that opens up to the city skyline, so be sure to take advantage of this captivating scene.

Host an intimate dinner with skyline views.

Photography: Edith Hogan Photography

Play party games.

Photography: Emma Hopp Photography

Photography: Emma Hopp Photography

Sneak away with your significant other.

Photography: Mike Thezier

The Attic

Nestled at the very top of The Estate sits The Attic. This is an excellent place for smaller occasions that allows guests to socialize in a unique space. Share your first look here or host a workshop, the possibilities are endless.

Teach a workshop.

Photography: Lorely Meza

Share your first look.

Photography: Emma Hopp Photography

Enjoy a cocktail and some hors d’oeuvres.

Photography: Lauren Cate

Get ready with the guys.

Photography: Lex and the Lotus

The Veranda

The Veranda is a lovely location for sipping cocktails and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the party atmosphere. As a sophisticated side patio, this space was made for mingling. With glowing light posts and the brick exterior of The Estate, The Veranda will take you back to an earlier time of elegance and excellence.

Lounge around away from the crowd.

Photography: Lauren Cate

Photography: Lex and the Lotus

Enjoy a cocktail and music.

Photography: Ariele Chapman Photography

The Suite

The Suite is reserved as a changing room for the bride and her bridal party. Made to conceal, this spot provides privacy and an element of mystery before the big reveal. The Suite can also be used for any other occasion where primping and pampering are called upon.

Get ready for your special day.

Photography: Jessie Schultz Photography

Photography: Michael Ryu

The Speakeasy

The Speakeasy is our designated cocktail hour area located adjacent to the Crystal Ballroom. Inspired by the Prohibition Era, this swanky space is sure to excite your guests. Let us pour you a drink from the bar while soft jazz serenades you.

Host an intimate ceremony.

Photography: Danielle Bennink Photography

Share good conversations while our bartenders pour drinks.

Photography: EmRoss Photo

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